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One system and one App - this is how it works!

The central interface in the Smart Friends concept is the Smart Friends Box. This is integrated into the existing local network via a network cable. Access to the box is performed via an App for smartphones and tablets with the iOS or Android operating system. The box itself then sends the signal to the connected products - also called actuators - and triggers the desired actions.

One system and one App  © Smart Friends

Data security is paramount

All data is stored securely on the customer's own premises - not in a cloud. If you wish to conduct an access remotely with the smartphone, this will only be possible with your explicit consent.

Data security is paramount © Smart Friends

"Remote Home" - maintain control even when you're on the road!

Do you want to access your system from a remote location? This is also possible without problems - with the optional "Remote Home" function, we can offer you exactly this possibility. The function can be activated in the menu item "Extensions" in your App.

After 6 free trial months, you can purchase a 12 month license for 9.99 euros. This applies to any number of smartphones or tablets - regardless of the number of users, only one license is required per Smart Friends Box.

No subscription, no automatic contract renewal: The "Remote Home" function can be terminated immediately at any time, and can therefore be switched off immediately. After 24 months, the license agreement will be terminated.

"Remote Home" - maintain control even when you're on the road! © Smart Friends

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