The most important questions about Smart Friends

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For what can I use the Smart Friends Smart Home System?

Will the software be updated regularly? How will this update reach the Smart Friends Box?

What are the technical requirements?

Can I buy licences for family members?

How can I control the Smart Home System from a remote location?

Is it possible to integrate a SIM card into the Smart Friends Box so that no router with Internet access is required?

How can I block access to my Smart Friends Box if my smartphone or tablet is lost?

Is it possible to send an e-mail or SMS to certain people?

By way of example, what happens with the storage of data for the belt winders in the event of a power failure, i.e. end points and times?

Apart from a password, how is the Box software protected from hackers?

Can Smart Friends also be used in business premises?

How many Smart Friends products can be integrated in a Smart Friends Box?

How strong is the wireless signal with respect to range?

How can I integrate existing tubular motors and exterior lights into the system?