Smart drive technology

Have a burglary attempt reported to the alarm centre - so that the roller shutters move upwards, and the cameras as well as the lights switch on. Or if you leave your house, you will be provided with status information: For example, that the socket is still on, or the window is still tilted.

The components for your secure home:

Schellenberg wireless thermostat

Wireless thermostat

Schellenberg Wireless light switch

Wireless light switch

Schellenberg wireless light module

Wireless light module

Schellenberg wireless security alarm handle

Wireless security alarm handle

Schellenberg garage door drive Smart DRIVE 10

Smart DRIVE Garage door drive

Schellenberg radio roller shutter belt drive mini

Wireless roller shutter belt winder ROLLODRIVE 65 PREMIUM

Schellenberg wireless tubular motor

Wireless tubular motor PREMIUM, Maxi

Schellenberg wireless tubular motor

Radio tubular motor PREMIUM 10, Mini

Schellenberg wireless Awning Drive PLUS © Schellenberg

Wireless Awning Drive PLUS

Schellenberg wireless reception module

Wireless reception switch

Schellenberg Funk-Empfangsmodul

Wireless reception module