Mit Sprachsteuerung geht vieles nun noch einfacher und bequemer: "Alexa, setze Heizung Wohnzimmer auf 24 Grad!" © Smart Friends

Controlling everything using your voice? Alexa and Smart Friends make it possible!

You need: an Amazon Echo product and our Smart Friends system with enabled RemoteHome functionality. The Amazon Echo voice command system is simply expanded with an app to include the “Alexa-Skill SmartFriends”, and the devices and scenes can be easily controlled by voice right away. Of course, the original automated smart home processes continue to work as normal. 

“Alexa, enable sun shield!”

“Alexa, enable close roller shutters!”

“Alexa, set living room heating to 24 degrees!” 


Voice control now makes many things even easier and more convenient.

For people with restricted physical capabilities in particular, the combination of smart home products and voice control offers a greatly enhanced quality of life, without the need to get to grips with operating an additional device.

The Smart Friends device places particular importance on a very high safety standard via an additional firewall between your personal smart home system and the Alexa system. It is also possible to personalise whether or not each individual product should be responsive via voice control. This means that Alexa would not open the door if an unauthorised person were to call the relevant voice command through the letterbox. 

Mit Sprachsteuerung geht vieles nun noch einfacher und bequemer: "Alexa, aktiviere Rollläden schließen!" © Smart Friends

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