With Smart Friends, you can rely on a Smart Home System from four German high-quality manufacturers. Benefit from a future-proof and expandable SmartHome system with safety technology from ABUS, interior lighting from Paulmann, drive technology from Schellenberg, and sensor technology from STEINEL.

Smart is what you make of it!

With Smart Friends you can benefit from a variety of solutions for your smart home!
Your smart home! You currently have the option to select from more than 70 different products from the areas of light, security, heat, energy, drive technology ...

Smart is what you make of it! © shutterstock - in4mal
Even quite smart by itself! © Smart Friends

Even quite smart by itself!

Smart Friends is quite casual -
You can continue to utilize the products individually, and use sensors or remote controls from the respective brand-name manufacturers even without an App.

Data protection? Of course!

With Smart Friends, you remain the master of your data.
Because these are saved by the Smart Friends Box locally - without data in a cloud!

Data protection? Of course! © shutterstock - Boris Rabtsevich

Rely on a future-proof and expandable system from a brand-name manufacturer!

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